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ANICARE belong to CM group since 2015, we are major in animal identification and management both in livestock and pets area. We have more than 6 years in supporting animal management. By providing the ear tag and related reader, we can help the farms to get the detailed life data of the animals . Top 10 beef provider from the world, they are choosing ANICARE. And also we are providing pets management tags since 2016, with the unique animal tag id number segment authorized by the ICAR organization, we are supporting and helping some governments and associations to manage the dogs, cats for their whole countries. In addition, we have obtained CE ROSH certificates. Our RFID animal microchip, RFID ear tag, and RFID readers are welled selling in various countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East.


Animal Microchip is a simple safe and quick procedure. It can make all the difference in being reunited with your pet should they stray or go missing. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and the procedure, which can be carried out by a vet or trained implanter, takes only a few minutes and lasts a lifetime..

Ear Tag

Animal ear tags can be implanted into animals,it can swallow the stomach or hang in ear collaborative management, on the leg by animals, the world's only id card number identification and the back-end database, can be born to animals, breeding, quarantine, veterinary nutrition information literacy, not only convenient for unified management and effective tracking ability of data management, prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases in animal populations..

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