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October 21, 2022
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OTPS Animal Implanted Pet Microchip

1). Unique identity for every livestock and pet.
2). Import and export control.
3). Lost pet can be easily traced back to it’s owner.
4). Veterinarians are able to keep the animal’s heath record.
5). Easily implanted and no impact on the animal.
6). Suitable for use in extreme conditions.
7). Coupled with software, the RFID tag is a must inmanagement of animals, either livestock or household pet.

OTPS custom animal implanted pet microchip injector veterinary syringe mini RFID glass tube tag fdx-b needle for big animals

Microchip is a simple safe and quick procedure. It can make all the difference in being reunited with your pet should they stray or go missing. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and the procedure, which can be carried out by a vet or trained implanter, takes only a few minutes and lasts a lifetime.


–small size with light weight

–simple injection

–use biological glass package

–with non-slip material on the surface

1, LF and NFC glass microchip has been developed for subcutaneous injection and it is used for identify animal.

Like dog, cat, fish, cow, horse and some others animal.

2, All of the microchip are fit ISO11784/11785 standard and it have been sterilized with medical standard.

3, Each microchip have parylene coating inside which can prevent the microchip moved in animal’s bod

Product parameters

Product name
Animal microchip
125KHZ ;134KHZ
Reading/writing range
2*12mm glass tube tag>5cm
30mm ear tag>15cm(depends on tag)
Read Range
1-10cm It depends on the envirment.
Standard: 134.2KHz,
Optional: LF 125KHz, HF 13.56MHz/NFC
Working temperature
Sryinge material
ISO11784/11785, FDX-B, FDX-A, HDX,
NFC HF ISO14443A are available for option
Pet/Dog/Sheep/Cattle/Pig/Cow etc
Injected under animal skin by a special syringe.Embedded in object.